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through a 28-day eating reset 

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It's time to feel good again. 

Are you feeling older than you would like, perhaps muscles and joints seizing up, weight gain, bloating, slow bowels, less energy, brain fog or just more sluggish?

The Reset Detox steps you through every part of the detox process to give you the potential to become a lighter, healthier and stronger version of yourself in just 28 days.


Welcome to The Reset Detox

Changing your eating habits can feel hard or overwhelming. Giving up certain foods can cause fear and doubt about whether you have the willpower.


The beauty of The Reset Detox is that we give you all of the tools and hold your hand to keep you accountable and on track. 


This detox is an intervention to reset your habits. This has the potential to not only improve your immediate health but also set you on a better path for future habits. 


We are very proud of the successes of our customers that have completed the program.

Sheldon, Northland

"I lost almost 7kg, I felt so much more energetic, slept better, I was actually amazed at the results to be honest, at the end of the month I didn’t want to stop."

Indi, Brisbane

"The recipe book was amazing, the foods we made used vegetables in different ways that we had never thought of. The support call check-ins each week were a big part of helping us be successful"

Zac, Wellington

"This program taught me how to make real food, I loved it and I have never felt so great. I wake up feeling energised."

Ash, Wellington

“The results I got were fantastic, I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I have more energy and my digestive health has improved."

Krystal, Northland

“All of my PMS symptoms were gone, it was crazy.

It really filled bucket learning how to cook real food”

Phil, Brisbane

“My energy levels were pretty high & continued, and my joints - I moved easier in the mornings which was quite a nice surprise”

Toni, Wellington

“Doing the detox as part of a course provided support and made it fun. The big help was the reminder each week to keep your goal front of mind.”

Pete, Wellington

“It was my most enjoyable detox yet, I enjoyed learning the intent behind detoxing. I have much clearer thought and I feel so much more limber in my joints”

Neil, Wellington

"Roz has helped me to cook foods I had never heard of before this course. It was fantastic to learn how to properly nurture my body with food, my energy is better, my weight has dropped and I feel I can sustain lots of these changes long term"

How does the 28-day Reset Detox work?

Detox Guide cover.png


For 28 days you will release foods from your diet that place a high burden on your liver and digestive system.  

Whilst your digestive system is getting a rest, you will support it with foods that aid the natural detoxification systems of your body.

Daily herbal supplements help eliminate built up waste products, increase bowel movements & minimise unwanted effects of detoxing such as headaches.


Benefits of improved detoxification often include weight loss, more energy, less cravings and clearer thought. We can also help you create a post-detox plan for ongoing eating habits. 

The Four Secrets to Successful Detoxing

Through our years of experience, we have discovered four secrets that significantly increase your success with the Reset Detox.

Paper Diary

1. Know your WHY

Obstacles such as time, willpower and sacrifices, can be overcome when you have an important reason for doing this detox. We will help you put into words what is motivating you, then use this to keep you on track when challenges arise.

3D reset detox book image.jpg

2. Preparation

Preparation is taken seriously. One week prior to the commencement of the program, you have a 90-minute planning session to set you up for success & self-guided programs get a recording. You get a comprehensive Detox-101 user guide and recipe book & you learn a system to plan out meals each week and strategies are put in place for social events and travel.


3. Targeted Herbal Support

Your wholefood eating plan is combined with proven  targeted herbal supplements that over 100,000 people worldwide have used, to enhance the detoxification process and decrease the unwanted symptoms such as headaches and nausea.


4. Accountability

Groups have higher success rates than doing it alone, that's because it is easier and more fun when you do a detox with others. We encourage you to do the detox with another person in your household. Our guided programs' provide weekly group calls for inspiration & accountability & a group chat to make sure you never feel alone.

Happy Detoxers


Krystal & Sheldon


Indi & Phil